2 Signs It's Time To Replace Your Home's Garage Door

If your home's garage has an old door, you may wonder what to do with it. While it still works for the most part, you may be tired of struggling to open and close it and do not know whether to repair or replace it.

Or, you may be thinking about updating the appearance of your garage and are trying to decide whether to paint the current one or get a new one. If you are still trying to decide, consider the signs discussed below indicating that it is time to replace your home's garage door.  

1. Garage Door Moves in Jerking Motions While Making Loud Thumping or Screeching Noises

One sign that you should consider going ahead and replacing your home's garage door is when it starts to jerk while it is opening and closing. You may also hear loud thumping or screeching noises whenever the door moves. 

If the old door is no longer working smoothly and is making loud noises, the repairs required to fix old springs, rusted tracks, or bent panels may not be worth it. Instead of trying to fix the old door, you may want to consider replacing it with a whole new garage door system.

2. Panels of the Door Have Cracks or Holes in Them That Are Affecting the Door's Ability to Insulate the Garage

Another sign that you should probably have the garage door replaced is when the panels have started to crack or have holes in them. As part of the door's function, it provides a layer of insulation to keep your garage from being too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer.

When the panels are no longer solid and have openings, they will adversely affect the door's ability to insulate the garage. Since repairing the damage may not work, you may want to consider that it is time to replace the old door.

If the door on your home's garage has started having problems moving and is making loud noises, the system may need extensive repairs that may cost more than simply replacing the door. Also, if the panels have physical damage, such as cracks or holes, the door may no longer be able to help insulate the garage adequately and should be replaced. If you need help with selecting a new one, contact a company such as Garage Tech to learn more about your garage door's situation.