Issues That Mean Your Garage Door May Need To Be Repaired

There can be a wide range of potential issues that could prevent your garage door system from working in the way that you may have been expecting. While there may be a large number of potential issues that your garage door could experience, there are several that may be far more common than others. 

Poor Performance Due To Excess Dust

Dust and dirt on the garage door system can be a source of substantial damage and performance problems. This is due to the ability of these materials to actually jam the moving components of the garage door. When these problems occur, the garage door could suffer warped components or the motor for the door may even fail. Keeping your garage as clean as possible can reduce the risk of these problems by limiting the amount of dust and debris that could find its way onto the garage door system.

Friction Damage To Moving Components

A garage door system will generate very large amounts of friction when it is in operation. This friction will have to be reduced with lubrication. Unfortunately, individuals may not fully realize that this lubrication can deteriorate over time, and if supplemental lubrication is not added, the garage door may suffer significant friction damage as a result. While the garage door will need to have its lubrication refreshed periodically, individuals should be mindful to avoid using too much lubrication or the wrong type. These mistakes may result in the door slipping while it is opening or closing. In some cases, these lubricants could also degrade and clump, which could contribute to the door jamming and other issues impacting it as well. If your garage door suffers friction damage, the impacted components will have to be replaced in order to restore the functionality of the garage door.

Damage Due To Balance Issues With The Door

Poor balance is an issue that can be easy to neglect because it may not be very easy to tell when this problem is developing with the garage door. However, balance issues can severely damage the railing and the motor of the garage door. An example of this could be motor failure due to excessive weight on one side of the door. The railing can also be damaged by the door pressing into it in an uneven way. Regularly having the garage door balanced by a professional repair technician can help to prevent these issues from damaging your garage door system.

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