How To Tell If Your Garage Door Is In Need Of Quick Repairs

Garage doors are often thought as quite strong and impenetrable elements of the security of your home. While that certainly can be the case when they are well maintained, if they are in need of repairs they can quickly become a major obstacle. There is nothing more annoying than having your car trapped inside your garage because the door is now malfunctioning or will not move. Here are a few ways you can tell that your garage door is starting to break down and why you should call a garage door repair specialist as soon as you can.

Stuttering Lift

Automatic garage doors are built to be seamless when they move, so if you see any stuttering or movement that looks jarring and out of the ordinary you need to call for an inspection right away. It could be anything from the slats going off of the tracks to the motor not running properly. Unless the problem is super visible and obvious, it can be very challenging to find out what is wrong. Trying to investigate on your own can lead to even more problems and a heftier repair bill than you would have had if you acted sooner.

Grinding Noise

Apart from the very obvious visual cues that your garage door is not behaving as it should, sometimes you can hear audible sounds emanating from your central motor that indicate your garage door is close to giving out. Often these can be prevented with regular maintenance and the cause of these issues is to do with not being well oiled enough and small components getting out of whack. These minor issues can have a domino effect if you don't repair them quickly.  Either way you will need to call a garage door repairman, so it makes sense to do it ASAP.

Unresponsive At Times

You should have a control you use to activate your garage door from a distance, and most of the time these work roughly the same way as a TV remote would. However, unlike a TV remote where you can just bang it a few times against the side of your hand to make it work again when it plays up, your garage door remote malfunctioning is a slightly more serious issue. Either the receiver for the garage door or the remote itself can be faulty, and if you aren't careful it could stop working altogether and leave you stranded inside or outside your garage. Most of the time this is a very simple fix, it is more of an annoyance than anything else. 

If you are in need of a garage door repair, contact a professional today.