Eco-Friendly Garage Door Materials And Benefits

When it comes time for your garage door to be replaced, then you may want to consider replacing it with an eco-friendly garage door. Eco-friendly garage doors are not only better for the environment, they can also save you on energy costs. Here is more information about the types of materials used in eco-friendly garage doors and how they benefit your home.

Eco-Friendly Garage Door Materials

Eco-friendly garage doors are usually made of natural, sustainable, or recycled materials.

Wood and Wood Composite

Wood materials have the advantage of looking good and being a naturally sustainable material, provided that the wood is from a business with sustainable practices. You can also have a garage door made of recycled composite wood from other buildings.

Composite Steel

Composite steel doors are very strong and durable, and these doors are usually made with recycled materials. They can be made into a variety of styles and shapes to fit your needs and enhance your home's appearance.

Recycled Aluminum

Recycled aluminum is not only eco-friendly, but aluminum doors are both strong and lightweight. This type of material is easy to maintain and resists corrosion. You rarely have to do any work on these types of doors to keep them looking good.

Eco-friendly garage door manufacturers also tend to be environmentally conscious about how they manufacture and protect their product. Some manufacturers even go further by making sure their packaging is also recyclable.

Eco-Friendly Garage Door Benefits

Eco-friendly garage doors not only look good, they also rate high in energy efficiency. For example, wood and steel doors are naturally insulating and will help keep heat in or out of your home. This could save you money on heating and cooling costs. Aluminum doors, however, may need a little extra insulation if you are in a cold climate to be as energy efficient as wood and steel.

Eco-friendly garage doors are very durable no matter what sustainable material they are made from. Therefore, your door is likely to last longer than traditional materials, provided you give it regular maintenance. Therefore, you will not have to replace the door as often as a garage door made of completely new materials.

Eco-friendly garage doors are available in just about any design that you can imagine. These garage doors are just as durable as, or even more durable than, any other type of garage door, but they can save you on energy and maintenance costs in the long run. If you are in the market for a new garage door, then contact a garage door installation company to see what types of eco-friendly garage doors they have available.