Two Troubleshooting Tips For Garage Doors

Has your garage door fallen into disrepair? Instead of worrying about how you are going to afford a contractor for the job, you can learn how to fix the issues yourself. Troubleshooting the garage door repairs is as easy as following the steps in this guide, which describes common problems with garage doors.


One of the biggest issues with a garage door is with the tracks. The tracks are located at the top of the garage. The door connects to the track with rollers that sit inside the track and allow it to roll open and closed. When the tracks are blocked or damaged, the doors cannot open or close properly.

  1. Check the tracks for any sign of debris. If you see any, use a vacuum cleaner hose and suck out as much as you can. You may also need to use a damp cloth to remove the last of any small debris in the tracks.

  2. When the tracks are cleaned, inspect them for signs of damage. Over time, the wear and tear of normal use can cause the tracks to become worn down. Accidents can dent the tracks, which won't allow the rollers to move through them.

  3. Tracks can also become loose over time. Use a screwdriver or drill and re-secure the tracks so they are tight against the garage.


Mechanical doors come with their own issues. The electrical wiring that runs the door can short out or experience problems with the power supply.

  1. Check the main power supply for the door. Make sure that it is still properly connected. Sometimes the power gets disconnected accidentally.

  2. If it is connected, you need to establish that power is going to the outlet. Check the breaker box and make sure that the breaker didn't trip. Turn it back on if it did or replace it if necessary.

  3. When the power works but you still are experiencing issues opening or closing the door, check the batteries in the remote. Replace and try to open the door again.

  4. The wiring on the door may be faulty and need to be replaced. This should be done only be an experienced electrician.

  5. The door could be jammed. Check the tracks as mentioned above and try again.


If you go through this troubleshooting list and still cannot fix the issues, you will have to hire a professional contractor to look at the door. They will be able to repair any problems or install a new door if necessary. Reach out to a company like Edgemont Garage Door Service to learn more.