Tips For Fixing A Wobbly Garage Door

If you have a garage door that noisily opens, then you may be a bit concerned about all of the rattling and squeaking. Thankfully, there is usually a fairly easy fix to this sort of issue. Keep reading to learn about some possible solutions to the problem.

Tighten the Hardware

The most common reason for a rattling garage door is the loosening of the hardware that keeps the tracks, hinges, and other parts in place. To see if this is your issue, start by tightening the hardware with the door down. 

Use a screwdriver and tighten the screws to each hinge that allows each section of the door fold as it moves down the track. Next, inspect each hinge bracket to make sure it is secure and not wobbling. Wobbling brackets can indicate a hinge pin that is started to wear. Replace the bracket to stop the noise. Also, look at the roller attached to each bracket. If the roller is the rickety or wobbly part, then replace it. Rollers do wear down over time, and so do the bearing inside of them.

You can replace individual bearings and rollers, or you can replace them all. If you do so, then consider nylon rollers. These rollers are quieter than metal ones, and this can cut down on the noises coming from the door. 

If the rollers do not look worn, then they may simply require some lubricant. Silicone and lithium lubricants are both good choices for the rollers. 

Investigate the Chain

In some cases, the noise you hear may not be coming from the door itself, but it may be coming from the motor part of the opener. Specifically, the chain may be creating noise and contributing to the wobbly nature of the door as it opens. A chain that is loose will cause some jerking of the chain, and the door will be forced to hit the tracks.

If this sounds like your situation, then you will need to tighten the opener chain. Most chains are tightened using tension nuts on the exterior of the rail connecting the chain to the main opener. There are typically two nuts, so check in your manual to see which one should be tightened to increase tension. 

When you tighten the correct nut, you will see the chain losing some of its slack. Tighten until you see no more slack in the chain. Do not over tighten though or the door will not open or close properly. Test the door when you are done to see if the wobbling has stopped.

If you continue to have an issue with your garage door, speak with a company like Affordable Garage Door Repairs. A thorough examination of your opener, motor, and other components may be required.