It's Very Easy To Change Most Garage Panels

If you spend a lot of time in your garage, it could be like an extra room in your house. Of course, the main problem with this is that garages don't have the same temperature control as the rest of your house. So, if you live somewhere extremely hot or cold, the garage can be a little uncomfortable. Many homeowners who spent a lot of time working, doing hobbies, or just relaxing in their garage like to make the room as functional as possible. It is actually very simple and affordable to install garage door panels with extra insulation. This article explains how you can quite easily switch out your own garage panels, without having to hire a professional contractor. You will see that the labor is surprisingly simple.

Can Your Panels Be Switched Out?

Most overhead garage doors have panels that are set in separate metal frames. So, whether you have hardwood, vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum panels, they can usually be easily removed from their frames. In fact, the panels are often only attached to the frames with a few bolts. So, you can remove these bolts, and then easily pop the panels out of the frame. Of course, before you begin this project, you want to make sure that you have an overhead garage door that has removable panels.

You have to look at your panels from the inside to see how they are set within the frame. If the panels and frames are welded together, you might not be able to do this project yourself. You will need to replace the entire door, including the frames, which is going to be a far more expensive project.

Ordering and Installing New Panels

However, if your panels are removable, you can easily order new panels with extra insulation, and have them delivered directly to your property. Then, when your panels arrive, you can install them yourself. This is a two-man job, if only because the panels are long and flimsy. You want to hold them at both ends, to make sure they don't bend too much.

Basically, one person needs to hold the panel from the outside, while the other attaches the bolts from the inside. This project is amazingly simple, and you will be impressed by how new panels can make your garage so much more comfortable and reduce your utility bills, if you spend a lot of time in your garage. On top of this, new garage panels can give your home a welcome exterior style upgrade.

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