Did You Come Home To A Disabled Garage Door? Act Quickly

Did you come home to find that your garage door emergency string had been pulled, and then you couldn't open the door with your garage opener? If so, this probably means that someone was inside the garage, or potentially the home, intruding to burglarize and more. Intruders have a trick that allows them to get inside the garage door within seconds, and then they can have access to the entire house. To ensure that this doesn't happen to you again, and to catch the future intruders, you'll want to do the following things.

Change Emergency Release

You want to change the emergency release handle so that it isn't reachable with a hook. Instead, make the rope very short, or store it on top of the garage door opening system. This won't make it easy for you to access when you need it, but it will prevent the intruders from using the old trick to get into your system. You can also ask a garage door service repair professional if they can rid of the rope completely and install an opening system that uses a handle built into the unit.

Improve the Opening System

It's time to update your system so you can be notified whenever someone decides that they want to attempt to get into your garage. Update to an opening system that has the following:

  • Wi-Fi connection associated with your wireless devices
  • Alerts when unsuccessful attempts are made to get into the garage through the key pad
  • Notifications every time the door is opened

When you are informed of what is going on with the door, you will know if someone is getting in when no one is supposed to be home, and you can also make sure that someone is able to get in if they need access.

Use Exterior Motion Cameras

If you fear that your house is now a target, it's time to invest in some motion-activated sensors to go around the exterior of your home. These cameras can be installed at an affordable price, and they alert you when someone is around the sensor. This way, you can see and report suspicious activity or a potential intruder around your property.

If you know that people were inside your garage and maybe inside your house, and you aren't sure how but your garage door was disabled, this was probably their source of entry. Do the above listed things to prevent this from happening again and to take action.