Three Advantages Of A New Garage Door

Garage doors are a large part of your home's exterior appearance, but they also provide a wide variety of functional benefits. Just like all other exterior parts of your home, garage doors can begin to break down over time due to weather exposure and general wear and tear. Understanding the advantages that are associated with installing a new garage door on your home can help you figure out whether or not a new garage door is the right choice for your needs.

Increase Curb Appeal

The first and most obvious advantage of replacing a garage door is the added curb appeal that doing so can give your home. An older and more worn-down garage door can detract from the exterior appearance of your home and yard, whereas a newer door with a fresh coat of paint and a few accents can tie together the entire building. This is especially important to consider if you are planning on moving to a new home sometime in the near future, as increased curb appeal can translate into a higher listing price.


Another major advantage associated with replacing your old garage door with a new one is the added security that it provides your home. Your garage door is the largest opening into your home, and your garage can be used to store all sorts of extra valuables and belongings. Indeed, your garage could be the storage location of the second most valuable thing you own, after your house, if you store your vehicles in there overnight. If security for your garage is a priority for you, look for a garage door that comes with added security features to make a break-in or robbery much less likely.

Increased Temperature Retention

Your garage is not likely heated or cooled throughout the year like the rest of your home, but it does come into contact with interior walls, and so hot or cold temperatures in your garage can easily transfer into your house where they can raise or lower the ambient temperature, depending on the season. This means that removing your old garage door, with its damaged weatherstripping and gaps around the edges, and replacing it with a newer model with a more secure seal, can help reduce that temperature transfer. Not only will this make the rooms next to your garage more comfortable, but it will also help reduce the amount of work that your central heating and cooling units will have to perform throughout the year, translating into savings on your energy bills. 

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