What Goes Into A Garage Door Maintenance Call?

Regular maintenance of your garage doors is highly recommended. Whether you do so at least twice a year or when you realize a problem, you can prevent unnecessary frustration in the long run.

Your garage door may suddenly make unusual noises when opening or closing, metal parts may be rubbing together, or the door may begin to move slowly.  In some cases, your door may shift, stick, or not open or close all the way.  If you experience any of these issues, contact a garage door technician immediately.  Do not attempt to fix it yourself if you do not have the proper training.

The garage door service technician will perform the following steps during a routine maintenance call.

Visual Inspection

The technician will observe the garage door mechanism and identify any parts that may be dangling, looking old, or are bent out of shape. He will ask you about any issues you are having with the door.  If the door comes off the track, he will tighten any loose mechanisms to the manufacturer's specification and test it out.

Checking the Springs

Sometimes a broken spring or other part may be preventing the smooth opening and closing of your garage doors. You should check the springs a couple times per year to replace any old, broken or deteriorating ones.

Testing Sensors    

Garage doors sensors are used to help prevent accidents. You can activate the opening and closing of your door using a remote control which activates the motorized trolley.  Most modern openers use both remote control and a button that is wired to your house.  If any mechanism fails, the technician would need to maintain the mechanisms.

Balancing your Garage Doors

Your doors will eventually malfunction if they are not properly balanced.  If the doors are not balanced, you may need to replace the opener sooner than you think.  The openers are designed to operate doors of certain weights.  If these specified weights are compromised then you will need to call a technician who has the proper training and tools to fix the problem.

Sealing and Weather Stripping

You will notice that your garage doors have rubber material that flexes as the doors open and close.  They form a seal between the door and the door frame which limits the amount of airflow in and out of your garage. If the rubber dries and become brittle, the technician will replace it in order to maximize energy and maintain efficiency of the door.

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