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Reasons To Consider Installing An Aluminum Full-View Garage Door On Your Home

If your home needs a new garage door, you might want to consider installing something unique and modern instead of a traditional steel door. An aluminum full-view door is the perfect complement to modern architecture, a luxury home, or even a traditional home when you want a fresh new look. Here are some benefits of installing a full-view door.

The Door Lets In Natural Light

One big benefit of a full-view door is that it lets in the maximum amount of natural light. These doors are made from an aluminum frame that holds several glass panels so that most of the door is constructed of glass. If the garage door faces a pretty view, you can choose to install clear glass so you can see out through the wall of windows. However, since you probably want privacy in your garage, you can choose to have tinted or frosted glass panels installed instead. These offer privacy while still letting in ample light. If you want to use your garage as extra living space, then having a room that's flooded with light would be ideal. You could use the space as a workshop or exercise room and rely on natural lighting rather than installing additional lights.

The Aluminum Frame Is Light Yet Sturdy

Aluminum is a useful building material because it is so strong while at the same time being lightweight. An aluminum garage door is very light when compared to a heavy wood door. The lighter weight puts less stress and strain on the garage door components so you may not need repairs as often. Also, the aluminum frame is practically maintenance free. It never needs to be painted and it won't rust. You can buy these doors made with different styles of aluminum so you can have a door with a silver frame or you may prefer one with the look of copper.

The Glass Panels Are Impact Resistant

A garage door made of glass panels may sound like something that wouldn't last very long, but the glass is very strong. It is made from two panes joined together with film which makes the glass strong. If the glass happens to break, it won't shatter. The film holds the pieces together. Just because the door is made from glass, it doesn't mean your home's security is at risk. The panels resist breaking by intruders and they stand up to strong winds in storms. Because they are made from double panes, the glass also offers some insulation and acts as a sound barrier. The glass can be tinted in various colors so you can pick a door that perfectly complements your home.

A full-view garage door makes a big difference in the way your home looks from the street. It makes it appear more modern and upscale. It's an option worth considering if you want to bring a little of the outdoors into your living space and install a garage door that's different from your neighbors' doors.

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